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    Teresa Maria Zalewska Z Prawdy Absolutu rodzi się wiele prawd...Poziom rozwoju świadomości decyduje o sposobie percypowania Jedynej Rzeczywistości, a tym samym o tym, co jest dla nas prawdą również w kontekście tzw. faktów. Podziwiam trafność Twojego postrzegania....  more
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    Elshara Silverheart Jesteś bardzo mile widziane. Uwielbiam być przyjacielem i pomóc, gdzie mogę. Tęskniłem cię z miłością bezwarunkową i niebieskie dusze stronie zacząłem mój własny tutaj nadzieję, że Ci się spodoba. Zapraszamy do admina tutaj, jeśli chcesz.
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  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska Twoje słowa emanują ciepłem serca, subtelną nutą Miłości Uniwersum. Ta strona przyniesie wielkie dobro wszystkim, którzy bawiąc się, będą uczestniczyć w kolejnym akordzie podnoszenia wibracji. To wyjątkowy czas...Proszę, jeśli...  more
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Recent Discoveries That Could Change Our Past

Top 10 amazing new discoveries that can re-write the pages in our history books. Subscribe to our channel: Other Videos You Might Like The Biggest Lies We Were Taught In School Fascinating Stories Behind Popular Art Description: When it comes to history, recent discoveries have been proving that time and time again, history can be rewritten. As we grow and evolved as a species, one of the first things we have to acknowledge is that we don’t have all the answers. Even though inventions have greatly assisted us in research, we aren’t right 100% of the time. Regardless of whether we are correct in our research and theories about the past, it doesn’t stop the educational system from teaching the latest information at the time. But then, once a contradicting fact is released, the textbooks and history books have to be rewritten. It is an odd thing to think about in terms of rewriting our history. It is also a good indicator to remind us that nothing is ever set in stone. For example, for decades it was thought that Stonehenge was a remote location that was dedicated to mysteries and magic. But archaeological digs on the site are now discovering that Stonehenge was closer to civilization than previously thought, thus forcing historians to reconsider what Stonehenge was actually used for. For the longest time, it was believed that James Cook discovered the country of Australia in 1770. This is a fact that has been cemented into the history books and common knowledge for most people around the world. However, a soldier discovered a set of coins in 1944, and they were sent to a museum in 1979 with a map indicating the location where the coins were found with an X. Once historians looked closer at the coins, it was discovered that they dated back between 900-1300. This means that James Cook couldn’t have discovered Australia, not by a long shot. One of the most popular stories in our last decade was when Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet. People couldn’t comprehend the change and accept that Pluto was no longer a major planet in our Solar System. This was all thanks to the discovery of a dwarf planet called Eris, which was bigger than Pluto. Petitions and debates still continue as to whether to reinstate Pluto as a planet, and hopefully the mystery and question will be answered in the next few years. But until then, those textbooks from pre-1990 are pretty much useless. Speaking of planets, it was believed for the longest time that life couldn’t exist on any other planet besides Earth. But when the Mars Rover discovered evidence of not only water, but traces of life, scientists had to go back and revisit the history books and scientific journals. If Mars has water, then it means that life can potentially be supported on the red planet. What does this mean for the future of the human race? Perhaps, should the Earth no longer be habitable, there are other options out there to ensure our survival. There are more discoveries where this came from. If anything, these discoveries all prove that nothing is ever set in stone, and that history can change in an instant. Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Featuring: Stonehenge Area 51 Buddha’s Birthday Ardi The Discovery of Australia Water Jamestown Eris Gobekli Tepe Richard III Music Track: Sacred Oath For more videos and articles visit:
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