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  • Edward Shapiro
    Edward Shapiro Science discovers more and more subtle levels of matter and quantum physics brings science to spirituality by proving that the result of the experiment is conditioned by beliefs same experimenter. The result depends on the belief !!! The human being is...  more
    November 12, 2016 - 2 like this - Report
  • Elshara Silverheart
    Elshara Silverheart Yes it is all possible. What ever adds a supportive framework to any structure works so long as it sustains itself through balance. However balance is not a solution, it is an interface. Should we recognize it as such, it can then be used to create a...  more
    November 13, 2016 - 2 like this - Report
  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska Taka zmiana daje wolny wybór ....tworzenia kolejnego labiryntu na tym samym poziomie. To nie rozwój, to zabawa. Jeśli brak w niej miłości, utykasz w rozwoju.
    November 13, 2016 - Report
  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska Thank you Edward
    November 13, 2016 - Report

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Spiritual Science

  • Life as we know it is made up of components which are defined as having either physical properties, or mental partitions. Sometimes, we see the type of reality as focused by such properties as either a direct connection, or an absent connection. The physical properties of life we associate with science. While the mental properties of life we associate with spirituality. Spirituality is a science of perception, as it defines the basis for belief to become our inspiration to send and receive messages from the bridge between the two connections of direction and absence.

    As your reality positions itself around a connection, your mind divides itself into states of consciousness. Your conscious self is a part of a network responsible for managing direct connections. Your subconscious mind is responsible for storing the data your conscious mind interprets to memory. Your perceptual consciousness, is what stores the perception of what is around you, and is responsible for managing absent connections to bring about a perception of what is known and unknown to the ever updating conscious mind. What is known is stored in subconscious memory as an experience combining the perceptual consciousness and physical consciousness as one memory. The reason why dream scapes are so vivid is because while your conscious mind sleeps, your subconscious mind triggers experiences of your perceptual consciousness to be interpreted, which is why they are never committed to subconscious memory as it is dependent on the active stimulous of the conscious self. In this way, spirituality is perceived by your perceptual consciousness to be a belief your conscious self holds on to in order to base life itself around its awareness. Your perceptual consciousness exists in order to perceive data between your conscious and subconscious state of mind, like many partitions of a mental hard drive working as one unit to bring the focus of life together.

    The relationship between spirituality and science is based on the state of consciousness you perceive to be the active focus in your life. This type of focus is known as the circle of balance, where any focal point of consciousness is not only the reason for its existence to be known, but it is also its surrounding analysis as a perception of awareness in your life. It has been said the more things you are exposed to, the least likely your experience is limited to your perception of what is around you. In order to have a healthy mind, you should know the difference between what spirituality and science is in order to realize what part of your mind is perceiving its purpose. The key here is spirituality only conflicts with science if the objective is never united, therefore bringing a subjective influence of unstable perception and change in to your life. This can become dangerous to people who live for the thrill of an experience, but believing in it so much it becomes only a virtual perception of their reality, instead of a shared reality we all can see as is the case without prior knowledge of its existence. The reason why science and spirituality exists is so that it can bring a focus to why we wish to understand the meaning of life as we know our place in it.

    Some people wish to speculate science educates people in a form of knowledge spirituality is not able to reproduce. Because science is accepted by the average person as being a definite solution to a building block which may be either known or unknown to the physical reality as an absolute property, it therefore represents perceptual awareness. Spirituality is the study of the perception of what you are aware of, so if this is altered in any way from a purpose which is not clear enough it is transparent to anyone who knows of it, it is therefore seen as scientifically uneducated and is classified as pseudo science. However, scientific theories come from the perception of recreating and analyzing spiritual absence, which means any structure is built on properties which are only as temporary as its own directly connected perception of itself. In the physical world, this means two objects must touch in order for a force of life to connect and be supported. The very fundamental basis of life itself depends on connected states of vibration to exist in order to complete the circle of balance network. Chaos only happens to be a playing factor if ones focus is not clear on the structure and principles of the existence of separation within an otherwise connected community. As such, vision is the key to clarity so its perception as an image, may become the foundation of a connection to life itself.

    The possibility of spirituality and science working together is a recent change in the perception of consciousness some people are experiencing now on Earth. In time, it will become our inspiration to dream of, find and understand the impossible. We all are realizing the true nature of unlimited possibility as it is through the heart of connectivity itself, which is where the source of life originates. Knowing the key to life itself is connection, and its opposite, vibration, we can now obtain any type of balance we desire by being its focus as a change we shift to achieve. To do so, align yourself with the perception of the known, to be that which is unknown to an equal of vibration in order to establish and maintain connection. Vibration in such case representing a point of stability as a whole or objective, to find a subjective point of connection to become a focal point for any project in existence and make it real. Life is the stuff dreams are made of.