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  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska W modelu 7 czakr Energi Miłości jest przyporządkowany aspekt doświadczalny. Na poziomie I czakry Miłość oznacza zakorzenienie, czyli bliski pełen szacunku kontakt z Matką Ziemią. Na poziomie II czakry seksualną relacyjność ale również...  more
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  • Elshara Silverheart
    Elshara Silverheart The love energy of chakras is possible through the integration of awareness of mind, body, spirit. It balances itself out as you feel your body mentally, visualizing its path in creation and the awareness of where you are in relation to it.
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  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska Jeśli naprawdę kochasz, pragniesz pomóc. Wspierasz istotę, planetę czy galaktykę w podnoszeniu Energii Miłości, bowiem tylko ten rodzaj Energii Najwyższego Stwórcy otwiera serca na niezależne, wolne samo-wyrażenie. Często , zwłaszcza tam,...  more
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  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska Możesz nie pomagać! Możesz patrzeć na ból i cierpienie! Ale przyglądaj się wówczas uważnie sobie... Gdzie jest serce takiej istoty..?.. Czasami kochający Nauczyciel czeka, by jego podopieczny wytopił z siebie złoto, by wyraził swój...  more
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Intimate Connections With Other Species

  • On Earth living as a human, having intimate contact with other live beings of consciousness is considered punishable by extreme force. As is the right to exercise leaving Earth on your own terms. This phenomena is something known by the terms Zoophilia, and suicide respectively. Other forms of leaving Earth include by space ship or teleportation, which has yet to be well known here. The term zoophilia, meaning an intimate love of animals, having animals be your equal, does not directly prohibit intimate or even general contact with either extraterrestrials or spiritual beings. It is however, placed in to position of the same objective. Other paraphilias, so called as classified because of their illegal status, includes expressing intimacy with anyone other than adult humans. In some cases, this is also gender specific, to the effect of if you are one gender, you may only interact intimately with the opposite gender in positions of rarely talked about double mutual consent. Society as we know it today, considers intimacy a tabu subject matter, and does not treat objective criticism of itself well at all. The problem is, this is the only thing society seems to be most intolerant of. We set out to discover why this is the case.

    Strictly speaking, any creature who has independent business to do with Earth not in contact with any human settlements is allowed to conduct such business without reprimand. Similarly, Earth creatures native to the planet are allowed and even encouraged to do so in their own environment. It was not until human settlements began to expand in the late 20th century where we started to see a rise in a trend called cross race unified relations, also known as interspecies contact. This is most documented in the case of animals and humans, with additional sources of information available for other known life in their respective contexts. Direct intervention of human and non human contact has led to severe conservation within what limits human domestication extends to. As humans become more domesticated, so do other native species of life forms on this planet, allowing for the potential for other dimensions to be added in once the dust of such movements settles. Unfortunately, human laws expressly forbid this type of interaction, because, not of any moral high ground, but instead, of religious propaganda, only recently coming to light because of what human traditional history has always said was wrong, or a very unforgiveable idea. In fact, they even label this type of contact abuse, because the type of contact usually expressed is not on the same language level to challenge the system as it would be if so.

    This leads to two possible paths to consider for any species to follow. The more intelligent path, is to reveal oneself to someone who knows the risks they are taking in violating human law. The other path, is to find a way to openly challenge the law with scientific evidence proving the type of contact established, and what short and long term effects it has on both individuals and interspecies respectively as a collective society. In the case of animals, it is easy to combat the language problem, not so easy to combat the habitat problem. Animals are a lower class species on Earth, while humans, though animal like in nature, have a higher capacity to think and manage technology, than animals do. Having said that, animals have a very strong survival drive, which is used in combination for pleasure and the adaptability of order in life. If a human develops a bond like this with an animal, extraterrestrial being or spiritual entity, their combined status is that of a familiar setting, as equals with the same rights to the unified system of social harmonics. Melodically, people who are able to distinguish this type of behavior, from a collective higher majority mind set, are exactly the people needed to bring forth types of evidence supported by examples of relationships for clarity of facts involving their respective people who creates it necessary for the second path to work successfully, as opposed to the first path of intimate connectivity.

    Intimacy in this case refers to emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual, mental, psychic and otherwise normal states of communication. Over time, like any relationship, trust is built in a familiar setting should one feel the need to rely upon someone else to always be there for them. Because intimate connections are so relatively unstable in terms of humans willing to take the risk to explore contact with other races and species, this growing trend proposes a potentially significant limitation towards the acceptance of a standard agreement between humans, other native planet life and off world visitors to Earth. Begging the question to be answered, why does religion exist? If taken seriously, can this progress to a purely scientific level of mutual understanding? To answer this question, one must look for the answer to another question. If I create an action where I trust another life to not harm me, will this type of communication be honored, can it work at all or is isolation necessary because of the threat to my personal unguaranteed safety. Which is by the way, a birth right every being in creation possesses unconditionally. More to the point, is our intimacy a point of intrest for an unconditional observation, or will it result in conflict and judgment upon something someone else isn't responsible for in the interests of their own agreement with society, not the one on trial?

    Could full extraterrestrial disclosure happen in the public eye if a law was passed in human society guaranteeing the safety and approachability at the sole and respective descression of each individual visitor and their intent? Is it possible to work together? As we can see, such primitive issues are more than preventable on a purely intelligent level, however if all someone currently knows is what to be aware of for their own survival and little else, how would this effect the possibility of transcomunication? Would we be taken at face value for our differences which have a primary or common goal? Would it matter to each individual if this goal was challenged by circumstance, or if it never had to be addressed as a conflict?

    The answers to all such questions relies on our ability to determine if such contact is possible, using our own individual ability to process such information. Friend, foe or undesirable. If upon first contact, a friendship is placed, love is the leading force of a unified relationship which leads to intimacy, the kind we could hope for most determinedly. Foe means I'm interested in you as a person and recognize you are in direct conflict with my ideals because you approached me with something I cannot accept. If this were to be the case with a race, then a defining law would have to be drawn to mark this position respectively so it would mean you risk your own life if you choose to proceed with such actions. Undesireable means the person you wish to be in a relationship with cannot or will not engage with you. In any situation, the law forbidding such contact on the human side must be eliminated if we are to progress further together.

    The truth remains a solid fact in our minds. If we have the ability to be intimate with one another, we have the right to share a purpose. Such a focus will bring about the elimination of a law detailing what isn't justified as a technicality, is justified as a reality, making the law dormant, inactive and archaic, as well as in itself, unnecessary. The legality of any communication we wish to organize, or for that matter, the right to control ones life, relies on the person being able to be in touch with their own will. If this cannot or will not occur within a certain person, someone must respect what will they do have, so as to ensure they are treated fairly and ideally, should they acquire it later on. Not all things are a learning experience if the experience itself has a proven sentience, for that is communication grounds for discussion between two separate individuals, due to the possibility itself.

    We must work together to ensure we can create a safe haven for all species, races and life beings to explore each other as equals to ensure issues of personal harm and conflict do not arise from a law of dictatorship out of fear. But are instead placed in a home of their choosing, from unconditional love. Note this is a different process than simply permitting people to have a domestic self will manifested argument about something, as heated discussions of this nature only occur if an existing conflict, usually personal, prevents someone from seeing eye to eye with another. Learning to cope with one another, is a struggle for modern day humans, not necessarily, other life forms depending on how such information is instilled in a beings background or cultural significance. Because of such complications, it is important to remember what matters to each other, so that you can truly be there for one another as lovers, should a relationship progress to such a level.