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Universal Races

  • The universal races, are the different species of our cosmos. Many people have in the past, pointed to the fact that stories of starseeds, lightworkers, extraterrestrials as in ufos and other such beings are not real, or may not exist in this dimension. The underlining truth behind such movements is that even though we exist in human form, our memories of vivid events from elsewhere, not just imagination, is in fact, entirely real and has to do with the concept of reincarnation.

    Starseeds are beings from beyond the cosmos. They exist as spiritual representations of people who remember their life beyond this Earth. If human scientists are looking for real aliens in physical form, you may have come across this concept generally taken aboard the new age since many people who say they are a starseed are in fact, living in a memory of their own potential past. The reason why this subject is taken seriously is because it is not so much the vision of what has been experienced, but the independent nature of the experience itself without influence, which causes such memories to be surfaced and originally written down and remembered often throughout an individuals life time.

    Light workers are the spiritual awakened. They see things objectively to a point where making a difference, even if often it appears as such to be in thought, in meditation or physically out there in the world, the biggest contribution lightworkers make to society is a new path with positive outcome or changing negative paths to something productive if possible. The template used for this type of work is documented in the messages they often follow from what they feel their heart is telling them is real. As such, semipsychic tendencies appear in individuals who classify themselves with such affiliation making them sensitive to if not thoughts around them, events of super or heightened awareness of ones actions.

    Humans are people who think they live normal lives by not having to think about what they already are doing on the planet. Studies have shown that humans at times can be spiritual in nature, however they follow the example of others who are like them, rather than being a direct example of or being a candidate for immediate change. What it means to be human is that by living a simple life, it can often repeat itself with a purpose or need to be in a social group, as exists within the nature of all social animals. Humans have developed advanced intelligence over time, not by conspiracy theories of aliens, but because we have learned to understand each other for what we like about ourselves, to know what we don't like, we will stand up for with the process of reason on our side. Therefore, because we can reason through language and common place tools at our disposal, we have inhabited the most territory of this planet while giving life, in respective light to others who dwell here.

    At present, all who classify themselves as knowing information about extraterrestrials, comes from a purely human background. This doesn't mean ones spirit is not alien, however given the recent exposure of hypnosis within the spiritual scientific community, it seems some psychic networks prefer to follow symbolic systems that lead to the vision of what could be a purpose of someone who comes from somewhere else, or could be spiritually awakened, but does not have this as a background. For people who do, and for people who wish to learn about such things, this is where the true answers from self come into play, which is more than just being or living a regular human life. It means going within your psyche to find out what memories and senses draw you closer in life. If you don't have a calling for the beyond, chances are you are a human, happy within your own culture and life. This doesn't mean that if you aren't happy here, you must change, however for people who seek change through other humans, it is likely that you'd be better off in a ufo before you can see the results of your efforts. This is where starseeds and lightworkers can help, including the presence of astral spirits, a place where once a soul dies, it can be reborn where ever in the cosmos it wishes to. By being a change and recalling where we have been, we can build a database of knowledge of what could be the beyond we seek for, to in spirit, draw it closer to us in theory. In real life, such information could be used to make life better as a whole if we do the one thing such an alien society would look for in us, be accepting of who we are and who they are for such a relationship to be established.

    As a whole, all of this is possible. the subject of ufos in the world has held our minds interest as we focus on what they could be or mean. If it is local Earth technology, it is most likely possible it is meant to be an improvement of something hidden from us, that only a government agency would have access to by tracking it's technology pattern most likely as unknown. However, despite the possibilities of what we could do with the technology we already have, we must look at it's creation. Why is it so important digital technology seems to be in its infancy in terms of development here? How did it come about and why do we have it now? Could it be that we as humans did something similar to what starseeds and lightworkers are doing at this very moment and who have been doing so as such for the past 50 years? Going within to apply spiritual knowledge to the physical world? Could this mean we have already been informing human consciousness from the beyond for a long time? Is this likely to continue? To figure out such questions, our answers must come from our own history. Once we know that, we will know where the aliens truly live, and how to find them in peaceful way. Ways of conflict as we all know, never end well at best. Once history accepts us as having a part to play in its placement, we can move forward with whatever culture, society and race may come our way.

    The key in this life, for us, no matter how old, young, inexperienced or professional we are, is to understand who we are. If any mission could help us along the furthest to understand humanity as a universal race, or for us to be in contact with races of the universe, this is it, which is why we must learn to know who we are. This is why starseeds and lightworkers exist today. The new age, as some people call it, is a new way of thinking, however there is a difference between how thoughts create themselves, and the order in which they can be repeated. If a thought is empowered through a spiritual or symbolic book, the messages contained within may guide someone to a certain point, however ultimately, it is tapping into an already existing power from within. To empower that ability from the source, self meditation is the best way to guide your focus outward from what you feel about a specific moment in time in your local history. Applying a realistic approach to how it could be adapted in life will only get you so far. Thinking for example that aliens could already be here, or that the government is hiding files of a potential invasion. There is no evidence to support such claims, therefore, we must accept the following as true about ourselves and the world we live in. Nothing is impossible, but to make it possible, we must know the knowledge of what it is like to live there. Not just in memory, but in reality, a part of what makes our world so diverse and welcoming, a part of the unconditional nature of who we are. This is our mission, our focus, to be the best we can be within the things we are comfortable doing to help the being inside of us grow from the things we experience. This is what will empower us to develop better technology, to go further and broadcast our furthest location out among the stars as we meet new races, cultures and people in the process. That is how an alien society would have already done it to change their perspectives on local life, to meet others elsewhere in the universe.

    Just accepting a part of you, isn't knowing the all of you. Once you figure out something, try to come up with how you can recreate it using different ways as an objective to learn from, instead of one way empowering everything. This comes later, once the main object is already established. This is a part of the basic building blocks of life in this context to which we can relate to and already live in as such. A universal mathematical formula that is used to calculate change based on values we already understand. Making sense of shared values is the power of society that will change the way we envision who we are by being better at it all the time no matter what differences we set aside to reach a common goal.

    Because of our scientific nature, we focus on what we feel drives us on. This is what is called faith. the power of belief will guide us through anything we face in life. To guide us to someone in particular, we must use the power of social values to come to their level and understand their scientific relationship to life. Doing this any other way will get you noticed, but it won't get you accepted as a part of that specific dimension of history.

    Universal races must follow a systematic order of measurement to get somewhere. Described here is a list of the history of such races as seen through the eyes of a starseed lightworker database. The video you are about to see explains a majority of what people know to be true about the wider universe from spiritual memory, though the places, dates and names may be different and such visions though they exist as a hologram of the astral world, may appear different now depending on where and when we currently are in such a version of living history we have or will experience elsewhere other than here.

    Watch the universal races video.